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Sergeant-at-Arms and Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms  

Oversight Committee of Congress Approved January 18, 2020


Job Description:

The Sergeant-at Arms is the Security and Investigative arm of the Senate Assembly and Senate Oversight Committee and as the Executive Officer of the Senate Reports Directly to the presider.




1. Is to be elected by the Senate Assembly and is not a Delegate of the Senate Assembly.

2. The Office of Assistance of Council shall Recommend highly vetted candidates for this Office to the Senate Oversight Committee for its approval and recommendation to the Senate Assembly for approval and election by quorum vote.

3. All staff members of this Office are subject to the same Laws, Rules and Conduct that Govern the Sergeant-at-Arms.



1. Assist the Secretary of the Senate and Oversight Committee with the taking of Roll Call and ensure there is a quorum of members present and that they remain there to conduct business. The doorkeeper of all meetings, regulating all those in attendance to have access only with floor privileges under the Senate rules of order and conduct.

2. Investigations are handled by The Office of Sergeant-at-Arms as assigned.

3. Provide Emergency Preparedness management structure to oversee and integrate security planning, policies, and programs.

4. The Office shall employ staff as necessary to handle any responsibilities.



1. The Sergeant at arms sets up the venue before the session/meetings starts and checks that everything is in order before other members arrive. He may organize equipment and set up refreshments.

2. Coordinates all official events and visits for the Senate to include escorting heads of state, and official guests while they attend official functions.

3. Contact absent Delegates/Senators and compel them to attend the Assembly to make a quorum.

4. Maintains and supervises security at all levels in all buildings and travel in use by or of the Senate and protects the members to ensure that the business of the Senate proceeds undisturbed. Sergeant-at arms staff for all meetings of the Senate, their committees, call boards and operators as necessary to aid in their functions and protection.

5. Enforces all rules of the Senate; its Standing Rules, Standing Orders, Rules for the Regulation of the Senate, and Rules for Hearings; arresting and detaining any person violating Senate Rules, Conduct or Security.

6. Works in close cooperation with all secretaries of the Senate, and is responsible for continuity of operations, training and assistance to the Senate as well as delivering messages and integrating security plans.

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