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Secretary of the  Oversight Committee of Congress

January 3, 2020

Edit: 002 the Name was changed from Senate Oversight Committee, to Oversight Committee of Congress.

Edit: 001

Currently (August 2020) there is a question as to whether or not the Oversight Committee is still needed.

Job Description:

The Secretary of the Senate Oversight Committee is an assistant to the Presider; is the liaison to the Committee and keeps the records.



Maintains all records for the Senate Oversight Committee for historical progress.

Documents and posts the approved minutes of each meeting.Works with The Presider to set the agenda for each week and shall attend SOC calls.



Conducts the Roll Calls of each meeting and documents all in attendance; notes all who are tardy, leave early or absent and helps secure the call board for the SOC.Maintains member records to ensure accurate mailings, and sends notices as directed by The Presider. Distributes the Agenda in a secure manner (bcc) to OCC designated members. Works with the Secretary of the Senate and The Presider as required to ensure information flow is seamless.

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