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                Truth, The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth

April 23, 2019        


In the beginning – 1776, the living men and women, with blood coursing through their veins and arteries, declared their independence from the king of England.   They acknowledged their unalienable rights given by God.  In 1777, the 13 colonies gathered together and formed a compact (the Articles of Confederation), an agreement which followed God's unwritten law, maxims, common law and treaty law that would bind them together as a republick.  The Articles of Confederation were ratified in 1781 by all 13 colonies and a republican form of self-governance began.  This established free, sovereign, and independent nation-states.  All men and women domiciled in these colonies became american nationals automatically under a republican form of self-governance.  There were no other citizens at this time.


Because the 'founding fathers' had ulterior motives, they drafted the Constitution for the united states of America which was never ratified by the Colony states, therefore, there was NO AUTHORITY to continue as a republican form of governance. The people behind this FRAUD  (See T ROH Show # 5 at 7 minutes, and the Avalon Project)  encouraged each Colony to submit to a stronger federal government creating federal districts (August 9, 1790 Article ONE of the U.S. Statutes at Large, p. 138-178) which abolished the states of the republick and reorganized the Colony states as corporations and then their legislatures wrote new state constitutions and seals which they presented to their respective states for a vote.  This corporate Constitution of the United States was ratified by all defacto states.


The Republick (republican form of governance) was abandoned!!!   


It wasn't until U.S. vs. Cruikshank 1876 that dual citizenship was brought.  It followed the adoption of the 14th amendment----- that was all corporate, made for the corporation and has NOTHING to do with nationals. 



In 2011, Pennsylvania held a Jural Assembly with living, breathing men and women and with their voice vote and sealed with their autographs,  brought forward the original republican form of self-governance, the republick's organic documents and voted to accept the “INTENT” of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution FOR the united states of America and each colony's constitution and seal.  A lawful foundation was set in place because the authority lies within the Articles of Confederation, Article II (each state retains its sovereignty, freedom and independence) and Pennsylvania people ratified the action with their voice and autograph.  Five people or more EXPATRIATED Pennsylvania with our paperwork -- from the corporate U.S. government.  This Jural Assembly consisted of living men and women, with blood coursing through their veins and arteries, american nationals, living, breathing men and women born on the soil-land-america, NOT an entity, presumed dead person, NOT a STRAWMAN corporation.  When this paperwork was complete, the world was noticed and  everyone in Pennsylvania was EXPATRIATED.   Expatriation is a natural and inherent right of american nationals because they are alive and live in a foreign, sovereign, independent, free state.




The remaining 12 colonies independently held Jural Assemblies following the identical actions, votes and autographs as Pennsylvania and completed a fully operational Republican form of governance in 2015.  Now the Republick (13 Colonies) is alive and EXPATRIATED from the corporate government. 


The Articles of Confederation  give authority to include all of the Territories in this Republick so a Committee of States was set up to invite the territories requesting they complete their paperwork and be brought into this union as strong 50 nation-states.  During the Committee of States Jural Assembly in March 2018, the Colonies voice voted to accept  24 territories, the Texas Republic and the Kin-dom of Hawai'i, their paperwork and their delegates. This became a compact/treaty with the Colonies. Thus 26 independent, sovereign, free, autonomous nation-states were EXPATRIATED.  A nation-state EXPATRIATED     EXPATRIATES its people.  We NOW have allodial title.


Our goal:  to invite Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, West Virginia and Oklahoma, the Indian Tribes and Canadian Provinces to compact with the Republick and EXPATRIATE each and every living man, woman and child who chooses liberty.   

This Document establishes our authority
This document is about the Fraud
This document is the difference between public and private
This document is the timeline of the Republick
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