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Tuesday and Thursday Evenings from 9 to 10 PM Eastern Standard Time, we get together on a conference call to educate ourselves about how to create the Republick, governance of the people, by the people, and for the people to represent the society in which we know in our hearts we want to live. 


In order to participate, see the call details below.  When you come on the call for the first time, give your name and the State, Tribe, or Province from which you are calling.

Call Number: 712-770-5372, pin 980012#

replay: 712-775-7478, pin 980012#

Or you can go to the Education Call Recordings.

Education Call Agendas


1. We are reviewing the foundational documents and principles on which we are basing our Republick.  These are the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance, Common Law, Maxims of Law, Treaty Law, and DO NO HARM.  We consider the Constitution suspect.  So we have a new Constitution for the People called the Covenant of de Jure Nation-States Unite at


We continually refer to our sense of Justice.  It is our sense of Justice that unites us.  We all recognize injustice when we see it, but we usually don't agree on how to remedy it.  This is what makes the community so important. 


The Republick we are creating together is made up of delegates from the Jural Assemblies in each of the Nation States.  A Jural Assembly is made up of the people, the people who recognize and want to fulfill the duties of citizenship, namely to participate in creating the social conditions the community decides together are just. 

2. We explore various ideas and possibilities in “building the better model” as well as helping further the strength and growth of the Republick.

3. Open Forums allow for all attendees to contribute their ideas as well as what they want to learn. 

4. Getting to know each other and building Teams.  There are two aspects to building the Teams that will effect the transformation of civilization.  The first is Tell Everyone About Me and the second is Together Everyone Achieves More. 


"Who are you?"  When you tell everyone about you, we will be interested in hearing about your life, and especially your life's purpose.  What have you dedicated your life to accomplishing?  Hearing this from each of us will give us a basis for joining the teams that are most aligned with our purpose. 

"What do we have to do with each other?" As we get to know who we are, we will see what we have to do with each other.  When we have a good sense for who we are and what we have to do with each other, we will be in a position to ask the question "What do we want?"  When we are asking the question "What do we want?" - based on a sense for who we are and what we have to do with each other, then the magic happens, we create together the better world we know in our hearts is possible.

To learn about and participate in Republick Teams and Committees, go to

Republick Teams/Committees Meeting Details

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